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Detail City, Expert auto detailing since 1984

The Detail City Express
Detail City - Expert Auto Detailing Since 1984

Detail City, Expert auto detailing since 1984

Santa Rosa, CA  95403(707) 575-3113

The Bohemian's BEST OF the North Bay - 2003

Quick Fixes?

Wonder waxes; colored waxes; one step, one shot miracles-- we are not a part of this market! Our materials are "body shop" quality. No dealership hype or television or camera tricks.

Clean, polish then protect your vehicle...
Honest work is the only way to do it right!

Serving Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma, Healdsburg, Occidental, Rohnert Park, Oakmont, Sebastopol, Windsor, and more....

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Detail City's 20th Anniversary 1984 - 2004

What is Auto Detailing?

Auto Detailing is the meticulous cleaning and protecting of all surfaces of your automobile. inside and out; bumper to bumper.

Auto Detailing is what makes cars sell on the used car lots. Years of use and abuse are erased, giving the appearance that the car was pampered-- a "creampuff". Each surface is cleaned individually. Paint, carpet, upholstery, plastic, vinyl, rubber and leather are each treated separately for long lasting condition.

Passenger CompartmentPassenger Compartment (upholstery cleaning):
A vacuum, steam cleaner, bucket/brush, toothbrush and Q-tips are just some of the tools required. One day and the skill and attention to detail make the interior look like new. The result is a clean, healthy environment inviting a renewed sense of pride. Not only a chance for the children to learn proper auto etiquette, but also eliminates cigarette odor and other stale, musty smells as well.

Note: if you have your vehicles's interior detailed by us and have a minor spill, bring it in and we will touch it up on the spot-- free of charge.

Exterior DetailingExterior Auto Detailing:
Auto Detailing the exterior of your car means removal of bugs from the front, tar along the bottom, pitch from the top and haze or oxidation, fine scratches and overspray from the vehicle painted surface.

Paint is "polished" with an appropriate car polish which depends upon the time of paint: Lacquer, Enamel, Imron, Urethane or Acrylic. Age, make of car and extent of wear make every car unique. After the paint is polished to a smooth, clear finish, a poly/wax is polished in to seal the paint, leaving a deep shine in which you can see yourself, making a nice reflection on you. The car is then "hand waxed" with Carnauba paste wax, making the car double protected and beautiful.

Note: Our exterior auto detailing is guaranteed for four months. If you're not happy with the finish, we will re-wax the "clean" car free of charge.

If you have "minor" chips or scratches, bring your touch-up paint. (Dealer item approx. $10.00). We will go over them as part of your exterior detailing-- No extra charge.

Exterior DetailingPrices for detailing Average 2-door Sedan:
Interior Auto Detail $150
Exterior Auto Detail $150
Complete Auto Detail (plus motor) $240
Auto Detail of Engine Compartment $35

Exterior DetailingScot's RV and Boat Detailing
Rv's and Boats detailed on-sight to your personal satisfaction. Call Scot for pricing and to make an appointment. (707) 575-3113

Auto Detailing Discounts:

Fleet ReliefFleet Relief: If your company has a few vehicles that you would like kept up for appearances sake, as well as trade-in value, we can save you up to 35%. Remember that detailing has tax advantages, and in most cases can be a complete write-off.

Senior DiscountSenior Discount: 20% off ALL services!

Additional VehiclesSecond Vehicle:  20% off Complete Detailing
Online CouponFor the rest of you: We are currently offering a 10% off coupon, good for discount on all our services. Click here to go to print coupon.

Gift CertificatesGift Certificates: For all occasions: Christmas, Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays. An auto detail is always a thoughtful gift. This covers everything inside and out.

Our HistoryConvenient Pick Up:
We will pick up and deliver your vehicle, free of charge, anywhere in Sonoma County. Limit to one vehicle per day.

Satisfaction GuaranteedSatisfaction Guaranteed!!
We go over everything. Being human it is possible to miss something once in a while. That is one reason we limit ourselves to 3 complete details a day. If we do happen to miss something, we will go over it at any time at your convenience. No questions asked. It is our policy.

Note: Also, we've been asked this enough that we think it's worth noting. You don't have to clean your car before bringing it in!

Our HistoryOur History:
We were originally "The Auto Laundry" at Mendocino and Cherry Street. We were at the Beacon Station at the Third Street on-ramp until the station was demolished. Then we were located on West College Avenue next to Eurocal Auto Body until the Cherry Street shop was available again. From there we moved to Santa Rosa Avenue, then to a location on Mendocino Avenue. For now we are completely mobile, until we find a new location.

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Santa Rosa, CA  95403(707) 575-3113

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